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Preparing the People of God 

for the Last of the Last Days

Committed to preparing the people of God for the difficult days coming to the whole earth. We are presently in a pivotal ten-months leading up to the middle of September 2015. Dedicated to sharing a word of preparation and discernment.


The End From the Beginning by Dr. Bill Phares

Changing world events are a constant reminder that nothing remains the same. Everything changed on 9/11. Today a new threat is coming, which is now changing the world as we know it. Radical Islam will do whatever it takes to dominate nations under its power. Is this the beginning of the end? The Bible reveals the answer. God's Word uncovers end-of-time clues and states, "I am God, and there is no one like Me, declaring the end from the beginning" William Harrison Phares, in The End From the Beginning, gives us new insights concerning the second coming of Christ and the end of time. This book contains clues to help us prepare for the end.

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eDevotional: a Word from God's Word by Dr. Billl Phares

This is not a typical daily devotional book because it only takes twenty seconds or less to read. This devotional book is written for a certain group of people; those who are busy! If you hit the floor running each morning and fall into bed exhausted at night, then this devotional book is for you!

• Convenient and simple to read
• To the point with no fluff
• Easy to recall throughout the day
• Not your grandmother’s daily guidepost 

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For Those in Dry Places by Dr. Bill Phares

Sixteen hundred ministers are either terminated or leave the pulpit every month. Alienation and isolation afflict ministers who now sojourn in spiritually dry places. 
You might be one of the statistics, wondering if you will ever be able to escape 
the wilderness and be useful to God again.

In For Those in Dry Places: Hope for Ministers in the Wilderness William Phares presents a personal and biblical understanding of how spiritual dry places occur in the lives of ministers and how to avoid them. For those already there, he shares the way to move back into God’s call and experience a second opportunity.

A seasoned pastor and evangelist, Dr. Phares explores personal and biblical principles, offering ways to:
• recognize the road signs warning of approaching wilderness
• avoid becoming the scapegoat for congregational dysfunction

• find hope when experiencing the “Silence of God”

• hear God’s voice of guidance again